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By Nathan Neighbour



A transformational journey that is designed to take you from simply believing to stepping into the godlike life that you were created to live. This practical and powerful guide will move you towards the faith that creates dynamic momentum.

Author, Speaker, Pastor

Nathan Neighbour

Nathan Neighbour is a spiritual entrepreneur, speaker, author and transformational trainer who specializes in the field of spiritual development and character transformation. He began his professional career in the arts at age 12, working as on-air talent for the Children’s Broadcasting Corporation, performing live with Disney, Universal Studios and the Academy of Television and Radio. Nathan continued his career in the performing arts, including work in theatre, music and experience design.

He spent 6 years learning from and working with the Mosaic Los Angeles community, serving with the artisans and pastoral team.  Nathan currently serves as the lead pastor of Humanity Church, developing communities  that speak to the core of human creativity and spirituality.  Nathan graduated from California Baptist University, and holds a double masters in Entrepreneur Leadership and Theological Studies.

Nathan is also a certified transformational trainer & life coach with GAP Community, and is passionate about seeing others experience freedom by realigning vision with commitment, discovering their uniqueness, and living out the dreams that are placed within their soul.   Nathan strives to create spaces where communities become an intentional force of beauty – seeing their lives as the most powerful medium to shape the future of humanity.


Humanity Church is the community that was founded and is lead by Nathan.  It’s a center for spirituality and creativity in the heart and soul of Downtown Pomona, CA.  Humanity church is committed to be a community that lives by faith, is known by love, and is a voice of hope to the city.

GAP Community is the training & coaching organization that Nathan serves with.  Their trainings have produced unprecedented results in his own life, and the lives of thousands around the world.  If you’re committed to living a powerful, passionate and purposed life, this is the starting point.

Nathan’s weekly podcast, recorded live from the Glasshouse Concert Hall in Pomona, CA, is designed to give you spiritual momentum on the journey that you are on.  His talks provide profound insight into the movement of Jesus, and how to engage a dynamic life filled with risk, passion and freedom.


“It’s never an issue of whether or not you have faith.  The question is, ‘what are you putting your faith in?’  Is it moving your towards life, risk, and passion or towards conformity and the mundane”

– Nathan Neighbour

Where to See Nathan

Every Sunday

Humanity Church

August 10, 2018

Draft, Book Reading • Los Angeles, CA

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